Artist Spotlight: SCVTTERBRVIN


We recently had a chance to catch up with SCVTTERBRAIN, owner of Red Lotus Klan which has pressed cassettes for Tha God Fahim, Falconcrest, Sleep Sinatra and many others. He produces as well as raps, the latter recently showcased in his latest release Purgatory Heaven, a standout piece of work that is fully produced by Revenxnt. Please follow the links below the article to check some of his along with the label’s material out.

RD: Your catalog goes back to 2009, what do feel the biggest difference is between your early works and Purgatory Heaven?

SB: Everything is higher quality. I’m creating with the same aesthetic but I’m sharper now. I’ve just been refining my recipe. I’m a student of the game so it’s an endless quest to keep learning and improving.

RD: What came first, producing or rapping?

SB: I was a producer first. I started making beats on my PlayStation in 2000. Around 2007 I quit producing and started writing raps after I drank some mescaline.

RD: Red Lotus Klan is one of the most reputed labels in the underground, can you walk us through the genesis of the company and what it represents?

SB: The Red Lotus represents growing out of the dirt and mud as something beautiful. Started as a west coast rap art experiment group and expanded into a brand doing clothing and helping release music for other artists I respect.

RD: Why cassettes?

SB: I’m from the tape era. I grew up buying cassettes and making little mixes for my Walkman. I was selling beat tapes in 2001.

RD: There has been some talk of a cassette bubble, with a few noted companies ceasing operations on that format. Do you agree? What do you think about the future holds for tapes?

SB: At one point there was a tape label popping up every weekend. I can’t speak for anybody else but I’m always going to be pushing tapes. I think the value on all physical forms of music is going to continue rising for independent artists as long as the quality is there.

RD: Does emotion get in the way during decisions on what gets pressed up? Is it difficult to pass on a title that you love, but may not be great for business?

SB: If I think it’s really dope I’ll press it up. I like working with new artists that may not have had any tapes before. I was the first one to press tapes for Tha God Fahim, Camoflauge Monk, Sadhugold and a few others. It’s more about getting good music in physical form to the audience than making money.

RD: Lets talk about the new EP Purgatory Heaven. You reached out to Jersey’s own Revenxnt to produce it. As a producer yourself, what qualities are you looking for in a collaborator?

SB: Hard drums, dusty samples and good sequencing. I heard Revenxnt’s beats and got inspired instantly. I recorded all the songs in a week and dropped it the next month. Shout out to Ral Duke for the art work too.

RD: If you could lock in with any producer for your next project, who would it be?

SB: Adrian Younge without a doubt. He’s the GOAT.

RD: We recently got to meet some San Diego artists who were touring with Eto for his recent tour. Do you feel there is a scene emerging there? Or has there always been?

SB: Hell yeah. There’s always been some dope shit going on out there. San Diego has a lot of talent and RLK is definitely trying to help get the city heard more. Our last tape release was a project called YAMMS by Dre Trav and Talldrk out of San Diego.

RD: What does the future hold for both yourself as an artist and RLK as a company?

SB: I’m going to continue dropping these albums like acid and I’m also trying to produce for a lot more artists too. The next RLK tape release is going to be from San Diego artist Aki Kharmicel with his new EP LuxuryBandAide that I fully produced. Stay tuned in with the Klan. The best is yet to come.

RD: Shouts?

SB: Shout out RLK, MDR, DTM, Masters of The Universe and Thank you to the Respect Due Podcast for giving a spotlight to upcoming artists and taking the time to talk with me. Peace!

Follow him on Twitter and IG @SCVTTERBRVIN

Red Lotus Klan website

RLK Bandcamp


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