Artist Spotlight: DNTE (of FalconCrest)

DNTE Studio


Today we catch up with DNTE from FalconCrest, one of our favorite duos in hip hop. After combing with his partner FalconOutlaw for a number of releases, DNTE ventured out on his own for his solo debut Crystal Pianos. He managed to keep a distinct sound while using various producers on the project, and it comes with some stunning videos. Here he talks about High Heat Records, the album and what else he has coming in the future.

RD: You are one half of the group FalconCrest, and have since started High Heat Records. Can you break down the roster?

D: Falconcrest (which is myself and FalconOutlaw), Smokeshop, TheRealSkitso, DrkTheLegend & Wyze Wonda.

RD: FalconCrest has built a strong reputation with one producer projects such as Valhalla Inn with Camo Monk and Red Rose Motel with Giallo Point. What can listeners expect from the next offering?

D: My PNC FalconOutlaw is dropping his solo project at the end of the year with an incredible producer name Wolfgram. DrkTheLegend is a HighHeat producer that’s currently working on his album as well as our producer/emcee TheRealSkitso got something dropping this year. Early 2020 FalconCrest will be dropping a collab project with DirtyDiggs.

RD: Let’s get into the new solo, Crystal Pianos. This contains many producers, how did recording this differ from doing a FC project? Both from a writing and beat selection standpoint.

D: In the middle of the Valhalla Inn project with Camoflauge Monk I began working on Crystal Pianos. I recorded about 50 tracks for this album, just contacting producers and emcees that would fit this project. People send us beats everyday and I would actually write to most of them, so the writing process has never changed.

RD: The video for MK Ultra is special, using unique lighting techniques to create a one of a kind visual. Talk about the planning behind the shoot, and your thoughts on how it came it be.

D: I got hooked on this weed strain called MK Ultra, while I was working on some beats at 4am. I came across this trippy sound and kept vibing to it so I called it MK Ultra. The next day I recorded the track and sent it to my creative director TrayStarks. He came up with this psychedelic concept with trippy lights in a dark room and the visuals just came out perfect.

RD: What is your ultimate goal for High Heat?

D: I just want my team to be successful.

RD: Toronto has seen a big representation in this market, with a number of noteworthy artists repping the city. Do you feel like that is paying off, or is there more ground to gain?

D: There is more work to be done in this city. We need more outlets, we need more support, we need to stick together and stop hating each other.

RD: You seem to have made big in-roads with some upstate New York artists, how important has networking been at this stage in your career?

D: Everyone I hooked up with across the border is family to me. I can’t cross the border yet, still waiting on a few things but whenever my upstate family comes to Toronto to check me, I make sure I take care of them, whatever they need I got them.

RD: Currently there are videos for MK Ultra and Washing Machine, plans for any more?

D: We got a few more videos in the works, can’t really let the cat out of the bag yet, but expect a few more videos dropping from Crystal Pianos.

RD: What does the rest of the year hold for yourself as well as High Heat?

D: Just keep striving for greatness and making sure my team is strong.

RD: Shouts?

D: Wanna give a big s/o to my HighHeat Records team, Jerry Graham, Mo, Chris & Alex from Siempre Tequila and all the artists and producers that helped me made Crystal Pianos.

Check out MK Ultra’s outstanding visuals here


Cop Crystal Pianos here

Cop FalconCrest music here

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