Artist Spotlight: King Magnetic


Allentown, PA native King Magnetic has been around for some time. He hasn’t let his veteran status affect his output, as he preps to follow-up 2018’s Back In The Trap with the upcoming Third Times A Charm. He offers advice to upcoming MC’s, touches on his time with Army of the Pharaohs and links us to his latest single Gun Charge.

RD: You’re from Allentown, PA. Did you feel that held you back at all during your career?

KM: Early on it hurt not having the outlets like NYC, Philly and LA, but once I treated Philly as my local area, things began moving. Now with the internet at this level, it’s much easier for anyone, regardless of where they’re at.

RD: What is the biggest obstacle you faced in your time releasing solo projects on your own?

KM: Budget and timing. I’ve been solid with putting things together and linking with other artists, but I’m still looking to do more marketing for all my solo releases.

RD: Everything you’ve dropped has been on King Mag Music, did you ever consider signing with anyone?

KM: Not really, there have been some small offers over the years, but nothing worth signing over any rights. I look at the long term much more than a quick buck. I can get bill money from selling features and production.

RD: You’re a long-running member of Army of the Pharaohs, a group loaded with talent. Can you give us some background on your relationship with Vinnie Paz and Esoteric?

KM: Both vets that built up solid brands, Eso more recently with Czarface and of course Jedi Mind Tricks. I met Vinnie in 2006 and Eso in 2007. We did more work early on and I’m always ready to work on something that makes sense for everyone involved.

RD: Do you approach a group track differently than a solo when writing?

KM: Not much. Either situation I’m just trying to make the best, most relatable song. Bars are important, but I try to stay away from just rapping for the sake of rapping if that makes sense.

RD: Army has toured the world, what are some of your favorite memories from the road?

KM: Taking my first flight ever with Switzerland being my destination. Birthday in France. Sharing the stage with various legends and the grind of traveling the US.

RD: Your latest album Back In The Trap is different from your previous work. What was it about DocWillRob’s beats that took you down this road?

KM: It’s the first full length collab project I’ve released, not to be confused with my third solo album. We were working on a more boom bap sounding LP in 2013 and he ended up catching some years. When he came home in 2017, I told him let’s start it fresh and he sent me the beat for the title track. After that, I told him to send tracks with more of a trap base. Shout out to NYSOM Productions, he helped out on a lot of the production and is co-producing the next installment of Back In The Trap!

RD: Benny, Recognize Ali and Cassidy appear as guests. You and Rec Ali seem to work well together, would you say he’s a favorite among this newer group of boom bap emcees?

KM: Definitely. We have an album that’s being mixed for release and we try to feature on each other’s projects as often as possible!

RD: What piece of advice would you give to someone whose going all in on music, hoping to make a full time job out of it?

KM: Learn the business, always invest in yourself and think long term as often as possible. Consistency and humility go a long way as well.

RD: What’s the next step for you? Have you mapped out the next piece of work?

KM: I recently released my latest single, Gun Charge which is off my 3rd solo LP – Third Times A Charm. I’m finishing up the album and then looking at dates and promo. I feel this is my best work and I’m back on the beats again, hoping to produce a track or two on this one and much more on the 4th LP. Peep the single and b-side “More Belligerent” here:¬†

RD: Who are some bucket list collabs you have not been able to make happen yet?

KM: Nas, 50 Cent, Raekwon, Diamond D, Pete Rock, Alchemist and Scott Stortch.

RD: Shouts?

KM: Check out GQ Nothin Pretty, DJ Express, Joey Mafia and Moe Hendrix!

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