Producer Spotlight: JR Swiftz

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If this piece ran a year ago, it would need a longer introduction, but with placements on no less than five recent Griselda titles, JR Swiftz has made his name known in a major way. Make no mistake, this was no overnight come up. JR has been honing his craft for a long time, and he intends to make the most of his raised profile.

RD: At this point many fans know the name from various GxFR credits, but let’s go back to your roots. You have a beat tape Soul & Party that dates back to 2012. Was that what you would call your first official body of work? If not, what is?

JR: Yeah that was my first beat tape, I was super nervous about it. I remember reaching out to my bro Bvlvm about the art. I gave him this idea I had and the vibe I was going with, he executed the art perfectly to what the tape was sounding. Blessings to bro.

RD: What would 2019 JR Swiftz tell the 2012 version? What wisdom have you gained over your time in the game?

JR: I would tell 2012 Swiftz the same thing I tell 2019 Swiftz,  be patient! Please be patient and also learn the business. The music part is fun (sometimes lol) but the business side is everything you need and more.

RD: With a number of upcoming placements on various projects, you are well on your way to becoming even higher in demand. That is success in itself to many, how do you define it?

JR: Success to me is just enjoying what you do and still getting paid for it. The money will come but just have fun creating. For me, I just want to be comfortable, I don’t need millions. Just comfy and want to be known as a great one day. That’s success to me.

RD: When you set out to make music, did you have an end goal? Was this a hobby that turned serious, or was this always the plan?

JR: Music was always something I wanted to do full time. My pops did it, I seen him create heat and I knew that’s  what I wanted to do. I was an emcee at first but didn’t like my voice. I fell in love with producing because of it and I was heavily focused on beats.

RD: How much has your setup changed? Was there a piece of gear that helped take your production to the next level? Or would you chalk that up to just improving overall?

JR: I used software first, started on FL Studio then Reason then Ableton and the MPC software. In the midst of that, i think Ableton, the MPC and just overall willingness to learn helped me progress over the years.

RD: 2020 is going to be a continuation of the growth of your name, is there anything you can disclose at this time?

JR: Not as of now, but just know you’re going to see my name a whole lot more on various projects.

RD: Looking back, what placement are you most proud of?

JR: I really can’t single one out they all played a major part, to be honest.

RD: There is a ‘JR Swiftz Type Beat’ on YouTube, that has to be flattering.

JR: There is? I need links! Whatever a ‘JR Swiftz Type Beat’ is… isn’t that. I have so many styles, people just know me for Griselda but I’ve showcased that. Peep B Dot’s Coming Forth By Day EP for proof.

RD: Do you have any shout outs?

JR: Shoutout to everyone whose been rocking with me since day one! Blessings! Peace!

Cop JR’s Macstrumentals here

Follow him on IG @thereal_jrswiftz and Twitter @therealjrswiftz

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